High School House — Helena, MT

The 2007/2008 High School House incorporates the latest in energy conservation with solar photovoltaic generation. The house features numerous energy conservation controls. They include: Energy Star appliances and fixtures, energy efficient doors and windows, and high-density fiberglass insulation throughout the house. The R-Value of the dwelling is significant with R-60 in the ceiling and R-21 in the foundation. The home also features an interior design to facilitate the natural flow of air – decreasing both heating and cooling costs. Student builders worked very diligently to ensure the house was caulked and sealed properly.

The High School House students, teachers, and administrators believe this home is an exemplary model of combining conservation with small-scale generation. These features, coupled with the detail and craftsmanship, will provide a comfortable home with a very manageable utility bill for many years to come. This house was developed by Rocky Mountain Development Council and is 1800 sq ft.